May 7, 2019 Facts You Didn’t Know About Betty White

Facts You Didn’t Know About Betty White

The whole world is talking about Betty White! That actually doesn’t surprise us (probably not you as well), because this amazing actress is still full of great energy and positive vibes despite she almost has 100 years!

Want to hear some facts you have never heard about her? We have done a research and found some amazing and interesting facts no one has heard about Betty White! Check out the list below and find what those are!

1. Her name. She is the only child in the family, and her parents have thought a lot about the name for her. At first, they wanted to name her Elizabeth, but her parents could think of some nice nicknames, so they gave her another name-Betty.

2. Guinness World Records. If you didn’t know, this amazing actress is the holder of the Guiness World Record! She won it because she is more than 70 years in show business. That is definitely the longest career any actress ever made!

3. Marriages. Who would say that Betty White was married three times? Okay, that may not surprise you because of her long life, yet, it may be quite shocking to hear such fact. Everyone who knows her personally claims how she really loves men! We will understand that fact as we like, right?

Overall, as you can see, there are probably more interesting facts about Betty White. Want to hear those as well? Stay tuned, more is coming soon!


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