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If you are wondering when and with what purpose we need to collect your IP, know how that is done in a moment you leave a comment on our website. Why do we need to collect your IP? Because we are able to decrease the spams that way only. And we are completely sure how you don’t like to receive spams, right?

Do you must accept cookies?

Yes, you do. We have main cookies which will be in your browser based on your activity, like posting comments, for example. But, first of all, we need to test your browser with a temporary cookie (with a purpose to find out if it accepts main cookies which last for a year). That cookie doesn’t last long, just for 2 days. Log in cookies are also present and they will be gone when you just log out.

Websites and content

You may come up to some content on our website which is not originally ours. Why are we telling you this in the first place? Because you must know how it may collect some of your information. Overall, there is nothing to be worried about here, because such content and those websites aren’t able to see anything else that wasn’t already published on your profile by you.

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